Equity Release during Coronavirus

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Equity Release is increasingly being chosen as the go-to product for families who want to
free up some cash for various reasons – but how do you go about exploring Equity
Release against the background of the Covid-19 Pandemic? There is no need to worry: at Equity Release Brokers, we’ve got it covered and we are open for business.

Our ongoing commitment to providing you with the best, most professional services
continues, but now we promise to provide these safely.

Obviously we’ve had to stop face-to-face contact for the time being. This is disappointing
because we pride ourselves on the person-centred service we offer to customers
throughout Essex (not just in Brentwood, where we are based, but everywhere from
Witham to Grays, from Frinton to Epping – these locations need checking and
potentially amending by client…). But our breadth of expertise and excellent customer
service have enabled us work around these changed circumstances without compromising
on quality.

At Equity Release Brokers, we’ve responded quickly, adapting our working practices to the
new restrictions. Currently, of course, visits to customers’ homes are off limits, so we are
making use of such communications channels as (phone or video calls – is this true?
Client to check and amend if necessary…) and we have robust procedures in place
regarding the security of any information you give us or anything you say to us.
If you feel more comfortable with face-to-face meetings, and your query isn’t urgent, why
not get in touch with us now anyway? We offer a free, no obligation chat and, if you wish,
we’ll keep your details on record until such time as sufficient government restrictions are
lifted to allow us to engage with you in person.

Or if you feel happy about starting to explore ‘remotely’ whether Equity Release would be
right for you, but want to be armed with some basic information, make a start off by using
the Equity Release Calculator on the home page of this website? A little knowledge is
never a dangerous thing…