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As if you didn’t have enough to worry about regarding exploring Equity Release in terms of
physical, self-distancing safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, you’ll be anxious to know –
as with all financial affairs – that your money will be safe.

But remember – with Equity Release Brokers you can feel safe in our hands. Between us,
we have over 50 years’ experience in the financial industry. We’re based locally, in
Brentwood, Essex, so you benefit from our specific knowledge of the locality, but we cover
a wide geographical area. We know that parts of Essex are seen as affluent – Chelmsford,
the county town, but also Brentwood itself – but our knowledge tells us that residents’
incomes and their property incomes can vary wildly. And all this knowledge helps us to
give you the best service.

Equity Release is essentially ‘borrowing’ and if you’re wise, you’ll want to know all the pros
and cons involved with any kind of borrowing.

A while back, Equity Release had a ‘bad rep’ – in the 1980s scary headlines were rife.
Various schemes were being mis-labelled “Equity Release” and, as an unfortunate end
result of the combination of using a variable rate of interest for the mortgage loan, and of
the investment bonds having a variable rate, a lot of homeowners couldn’t meet their
commitments. Many ended up having their properties repossessed.

Following this disastrous fiasco, the Safe Home Income Plans trade body was created in
1991. This was the forerunner of today’s Equity Release Council. Supported by leading
providers of Equity Release products in the UK, the Council works to promote safe Equity
Release products and to safeguard homeowners’ interests. We’re now at a stage where
trust in the Equity Release market has been restored.

Every Equity Release plan has a ‘no negative equity’ guarantee and you can trust us to
guide you through the process, help you decide if Equity Release is right for you – no ‘hard
sell’ from us – and, if it is, ensure that you end up with the right product.