Helping Relatives Get on the Property Ladder – A Case Study

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At Equity Release Brokers we understand how hard it is at times to see your children and grandchildren suffer financially. If you have assets and property that allow you some form of wealth and you want to go about releasing equity to support your family, why should it be a difficult process to go through?

Helping relatives and young ones get on the ladder

One of our customers is a great case in point.  Mrs E is 93 years of age. Her health is good for her age, and financially she is in a great position to support her everyday needs. However, she looks at her family and can see that her 35 year old grandson is struggling in a way that she didn’t. He lives in rented accommodation and is nowhere near a financial position where he can buy his own place to get on the property ladder.

We advised that Mrs E could take equity release in order to have a lump sum of money that could be given to her grandson that will help him put a deposit down on a property. On top of that she also wanted to give her son and daughter-in-law money to buy a brand new car.

Mrs E has made the choice to go with equity release as she wants to help her family out in the here and now, rather than waiting for her assets and wealth to go to them after she has passed away. It means more to her to see her family in a comfortable financial position during her lifetime by taking equity release.

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