How to Avoid Repossession via Equity Release: A Case Study

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Real Estate Apartment Or House Repossession By Owner

It can be a scary prospect to be warned that you are about to lose your home. You’ll have many cherished memories in your property, going back many years and decades in some cases, but if you have fallen behind on your mortgage repayments it can be a struggle to figure out exactly where you can go for help.

Avoid Repossession via Equity Release

Below is a case study of how the Equity Release Brokers team helped a couple find the perfect solution to their repossession problem.

Mr and Mrs E were over 60 (62 and 65 respectively) and were living in a property with an interest only mortgage of £150,000. They also had credit cards up to £15,000. The mortgage lender had issues them a warning to pay back the loan within two months or they would face repossession of their home.

Mr E quickly looked into his options and discovered that he was ineligible for a standard mortgage due to their ages, and also because he did not have an income that could sustain a ten-year mortgage with monthly repayments.

Alternatively, it would cost around £20,000 to sell the home and downsize to a cheaper property. This move would also result in a change of lifestyle and to potentially be further away from friends and family members.

Our friendly team helped Mr and Mrs E to find a solution through equity release, allowing them to pay of the existing lender, to make overpayments as they chose, and to repay the mortgage as they are able.

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