Step-by-Step Guide to Invoice Financing

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Invoice financing is an attractive business funding option, especially for start-up or growing business, allowing for greater control over cashflow through utilisation of the value of any unpaid invoices.

How does invoice financing work?

  1. The first step is where your business goes about daily life, selling products or services to customers and invoicing them. With invoice financing you can do so with complete peace of mind that you will not suffer cashflow problems as a result of late or missed payments and you can access funds very quickly if you wish.
  2. Copies of each invoice are sent to your finance provider, and in return they will pay a percentage of the invoice value directly to you – a bespoke price can be agreed based on several factors relating to your business.
  3. At this stage you can either choose to take control of chasing all unpaid invoices manually (invoice discounting – keeping control of contacts with your customers), or have the finance company take charge of this process (invoice factoring).
  4. Once the invoice has been settled by the customer the remainder of the value on the invoice is paid back to you, with the agreed borrowing rate removed before payment.

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