Stumbling Blocks to Growth for Small Businesses

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Starting a business from scratch is hard work, and needs plenty of dedication, an eye for detail, and some luck.

Seeking Finance Advice to go further

At a certain point in the journey of most start-up and small businesses there will be a need to seek commercial finance to help get to the next phase of the business development.  You can see this is the case when:

  • You have little or no access to working capital, ensuring that you always face cashflow troubles and potential future hindrance to development and progress. It might only take one bill unpaid for the entire business to begin to unravel, or progress to be halted and reversed.
  • You have plans for brand new services and/or products but do not have the finance in which to do so effectively. As your company becomes popular and you build a customer base it becomes important to have that next idea in mind, but also to have the finance in place to make it a reality without stretching the finances in a way that puts your standing, reputation, and current quality of product and customer service in jeopardy.
  • Your business plan cannot be matched with intent and growth plans are being held back. Expansion is key at certain points for a growing company, and if you have a blueprint in place to reach long-term goals you must be able to back this up with cold, hard cash, whether it is to acquire new premises, hire new staff, or purchase new equipment and technology.

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